Lab Members

David Wang, Ph.D.


Josh Blatter, MD.
Assistant professor of pediatrics

Viruses and the virome in transplant patients

Luis Casorla, Ph.D.


Host-virus interactions in C. elegans and humans
Ciro Cubillas, Ph.D. Staff Scientist Host-virus interactions in C. elegans and humans

Chika Fujii, B.S.

MGG PhD Student

Host-virus interactions in C. elegans and humans

Tianyu Gan, Ph.D.


Viromes and disease

Sydney Goldacker, B.S., M.S.


Host-virus interactions in C. elegans and humans

Andrew Janowski, MD
Assistant professor of pediatrics

Replication and pathogenesis of astrovirus
Susan Vernon, M.S.
Research assistant
Lab manager

Current Undergraduates

Bo Peng




Visiting Scholars

  Name Year Home Institution
Laura Benjamin 2010 University of Liverpool
Minghua Li 2010 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, China CDC, Bejing

Lab Alums

  Name Years in Lab Subsequent or most recent known position
Adam Allred 2006-2012 Scientist, Life Technologies
Irma Bauer 2010-2014 Dept of Pediatrics, Washington University in St. Louis
Kevin Chen 2011-2017 Scientist, NUGEN
Stacy Finkbeiner 2005-2009

Postdoctoral fellow
University of Michigan

Carl Franz 2009-2014 Genentech
Anne Gaynor 2005-2010

Naval Medical Research Unit-3 (NAMRU-3) Cairo, Egypt

Holly Goergen 2017-2020 PhD program, Case Western
Lori Holtz 2007-2013 Assistant professor
Washington University in St. Louis
Hongbing Jiang 2011-2020 Principal investigator Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology
Siddharth Krishnamurthy 2012-2017 Postdoc, NIH
Yanfang Yanfang Jiang 2009-2012 Scientist, Washington University in St. Louis
sherry Sherry Lassa-Claxton 2009-2010 Dept of Pathology&Immunology Washington University in St. Louis
Binh-minh (Jade) Le

Assistant professor
UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas

Efrem Lim 2012-2017

Assistant professor Arizona State University

Caroline Meyer
2013-2015 Pediatric Gastroenterologist Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital
Kathie Mihindukulasuriya 2004-2008 Staff scientist
Washington University Genome Center
Nang Nguyen 2007-2011 Chief Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Rhode Island State Health Laboratories
Hilary Renshaw 2010-2013 PhD Student Duke University
Luis Sandoval 2015-2020 Content Developer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Erica Siebrasse 2010-2014 Education and Professional Development Manager @ American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Stephen Tahan 2017-2020 Washington University Computing
Guang Wu 2005-2016  
tuya Tuya Wulan
2008-2010 Research Technician Washington University, Dept of Biology
  Jon Zielke 2017-2020